Park Paintballs Only

Fun On The Run Paintball does require the use of our exclusively custom “Fun On The Run Paintballs”. This does mean you cannot bring in your own paintballs to use on our park. All paint shot on the park or target range must be Fun On The Run logoed paintballs. Fun On The Run branded paintballs are sold exclusively at Fun On The Run Paintball Park and Pro-Shop.

Why Park Paintballs?


Number One is the safety of our players. By only allowing Fun On The Run branded paintballs, it reduces the chances of altered paintballs that might not break as easy and could cause injury. You might have noticed that some paintballs hurt a lot more than others when you get hit. This is not only a function of how fast the marker is going (and we chrono everyone's marker to 285 fps), but also on the shell type and fill. The some paintball manufactures use a recycled gelatin shell which causes a the paintballs not break as easily and they hurt a lot more! It turns out if the paintball breaks on contact, it distributes the energy which makes for more fun, and less discomfort than getting hit with other paintballs. Your Safety is our number one priority here at Fun On The Run!


We love the outdoors and our park, so the environment is another important reason. Some of the Paintballs, sold today, are leaving a black residue all over the trees, props, equipment and you! This sticky black residue cannot even be removed by a tough pressure sprayer. So for protection of our park, the environment, bunkers, netting, trees, and also our customers.  You will find our paintballs are not only a bio-degradable non-toxic food based paintball, they will clean off with no more than a simple rub and will wash out with just water.


Here at Fun On The Run Paintball Park, we only sells exclusive premium grade first run gelatin paintballs. All our Fun On The Run paintballs FACTORY DIRECT! Our paintballs are the FRESHEST you can buy.  Paintballs are perishable and have a limited shelf life.  The longer a paintball sits in a box on a shelf the less round they become and more likely to break inside your paintball marker. Lopsided paintballs also curve thru the air when released rather than going straight to your target!  The fresher the paintballs, the better it works and just provide more Fun!

Have paintballs from before?

If you have Fun On The Run logoed paintballs, left over after a day of play, there is no problem bringing it back in. Our paint is unique to our park, it is not sold anywhere else in the USA.

What if I sneak paintballs In?

We do visual inspections on all paintballs multiple times a day. So if you are caught with non-Fun ON The Run branded paintballs, you will be asked to leave the park for the rest of the day with no refund! So please do not put yourself, or us in that situation.

What about Paintball-Grenades and specialized paintball rounds?

You can use paint-grenades made for paintball, by a paintball manufacture that do not contain an internal air source or firing device. You cannot use any paintball-grenades that are not approved or made at "home". All outside paintball-grenades and specialized Paintballs-rounds need approval by Park management.