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For the kids: 6 years and up

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No longer does the little brother or sister have to stay in the side line to experience paintballing. Fun On The Run Paintball Park’s Pee-wee Paintball birthday parties are the perfect event for 6 years old and up. Pee-wee paintball is paintball without the welts and is fun for the whole family. So if your kid is younger than 8 and still wants that fun, that only paintball birthday party can deliver, a Pee-wee Paintball birthday party is your answer!

For the kids: 8 years and up

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Name the last 5 children’s birthday parties you went to. Let me guess… pizza parties, arcades, bowling, or at their house. Are we close? That’s what we thought. Why Not have a Paintball Birthday Party? Paintball Birthday parties are not only creative and memorable, but will get those kids moving and let them burn off all of that sugar energy. Wait, it gets better, by having a Paintball birthday party, you will officially be the cool parents.

For Adults: 10 years and up

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Hey, just because you're a year older doesn't mean you have to act your age. Remember how much fun you had playing tag as a kid? Paintball is the new way to play tag. Why not have a splat-tastic time on your next birthday with a one-of-a-kind birthday party at Fun on the Run Paintball Park. Fun On The Run Paintball Park, located in Fort Worth, Texas, has hosted thousands birthday parties and is the perfect venue for any birthday party or parties..