.50 Cal or .68 Cal Paintball Group

We offer too ways to play paintball. We offer a .50 caliber lower impact groups, using a .50 cal paintball markers or a Mixed Equipment group using .68 caliber full impact paintball markers. You choose your group at booking

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.50 cal


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Quesions Answered

What is this page?

This page helps you choose your group play. Fun On The Run Paintball Park offers too ways to play paintball. We offer a Rental Equipment Only Group. The .50cal lower impact Group uses only rentals .50 caliber paintball markers, to keep everyone on a even playing field or you can choose a Mixed Equipment group using .68 caliber paintball markers. The Mixed Group, is a blended group of .68 Rentals and players who own their own equipment. You choose your group at booking or Check In.

What is difference in groups?

The .50 caliber lower impact group uses the same style semi-automatic paintball markers, that are using newer technology, to provide less impact, when you are zapped, with all the same fun and excitement. We recommend the .50 caliber lower impact group option for all newer players, regardless of age.

The .68 caliber mixed group provides rentals and players with their own equipment, to play in a group play setting using traditional .68 caliber paintballs. We recommend this group for players renting, while coming with friends who own their own equipment, players who own their own equipment or players looking for a greater challenge.

What Age can I start playing?

Both groups, the age range can vary, this allows families to play together. We do have a minimum age for both group play

Minimum ages

  • Rental Only Group : Players as young as 8 years old and up
  • Mixed Equipment Group:  Players as young as 10 years old and up

Can use my own paintball gun?

Players can use their own paintball markers, only in the Mixed Group. We allow semi-automatic, 285 F.P.S. or under markers shooting out custom field paint, in the Mixed Equipment Group. The .50 caliber lower impact group is exclusively for our .50 caliber rentals only.

What should I wear?

When playing paintball, you will need loose fitting dark colored clothing, to help you blend in to your natural environment. Some players wear camouflage, we recommended some old clothes, something you would wear to work in the yard. Pants and a long sleeve shirt are also recommended. Our paint will wash out of all your clothing. Running shoes or Hi-top hiking boots are preferred ( No Sandles). Also, when you rent equipment you will be issued a pair of paintball goggles and a face mask that will cover your whole face.